Friday, April 6, 2012

When was the last time you felt healthy, happy, and in control of your life? Start feeling like that everyday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Out beyond the ideas of
Right doing and wrong doing
There is a field
I’ll meet you there

As I was watching the ceremony of Conception Day last night tears of joy covered my face!!!! How beautiful it is that Our Mother Earth is pregnant, and how amazing that she has all the support from so many of us around the world! I am also pregnant with my 4th child now, and so honored to feel deeper connection with our Mother Earth!
If you go outside today, notice how beautiful, juicy, and awaken she becomes with each coming day!
Cheers to The Planetary Birth 2012!!!!! 
I have been a member and a partner of The Shift Network from December 2011.
The Shift Network, Inc. aims to empower a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health, and prosperity. Now is the time for an upgrade to our planetary operating system. If you are part of this Shift, please join us as we create events, programs, and activities that help us evolve! The Shift Network was founded and launched its first event in February of 2010.
You can view our big-picture vision years here: 
What a beautiful evening we shared last night, linking more than 22,000 of us in 137 countries with love and a shared intention to create a shift on planet earth. 

Conception Day 2012 rocked! 

The inspiration. The music. The laughter. The celebration. The joy. The healings. People were frankly falling in love with each other at the Dome in Los Angeles. 

Imagine as we scale this up, reaching first hundreds of thousands, then millions, then gathering 100 million into the field of love and cocreating for a new era. 

know that we absolutely have what it takes to grow the Birth 2012 movement into something that powerfully affects humanity. As each of our heart's ignite and we spread the vision and the excitement, even bringing as few as 2 people into the movement each month (and then they do the same), we can grow to our vision. 

If you missed the live program, you'll definitely want to watch the replay video or listen to the audio-only version, both of which you can access here:  

Love and Light!
The Creator

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Could My Life Be Better?

    What else is possible here?
  My wonderful and curious readers! Today's topic is also about You, and I can never stress it enough! YOU are always the center and the cause of everything that happens in YOUR LIFE. Yes! Everything! All the good things and all the bad things!
  If you are not fully aware of your mind, then what you are busy looking at is what the mind creates in order to keep itself fascinated by itself. Left unattended consciously the best that our mind can create is what it already knows, experience and what stores in our unconscious data base mind.
 That's why we often find ourselves in the same situations over and over again, and blame other people for being just like the ones before them, and doing the same bad things to us.
  How do we then break the circle and start living consciously and making decisions and choosing people that are right for us?
  How do we make conscious decisions?
  Just like in any other subjects to change the way things are you have to be aware of what they are first.
  Here are some examples of the questions to ask yourself:
     1. If I do this ______?
     2. If I think this ______?
     3. If I make this ______?
     4. Would it be for my highest and best good?
     5. My happy end result is _______!
     6. If I buy this ____ will it make me money?
     7. If I move to this new house does it expand me?
     8. Will it improve my life?
     9. If I add some more self-care to my life will it get better?
    10. Am I doing _____?
    11. Am I willing _____?
    12. What else is possible here?
    13. What would it take to get _______?
    14. What would it take for ______ to show up in my life, easy, with grace, and joy?
    15. What question should I ask to be connected to be Higher-Self?

                "The definition of insanity- is doing the same thing over and over   again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein
                                                            ~The Creator

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is Unconditional Love?

We were so taught by our society to give everything that we experience an agenda ''Like or dislike button''(like in a facebook) that we really think that  what we like will stay with us,and what we don't like will disappear  That's not how is really works from the Universal energy point of it(which is the real Truth of the Creation).
 How does that work then? See..... that unconditional love that all of us are trying to find in our lives, or at least to get to understand what it means, in reality is simply OUR ATTENTION! But attention without an agenda( + or -attached to it) or judgement! If you just put your attention on something or someone and let them Be the way there Are, you give them your unconditional love.This love that you give without any conditions ( agenda or judgments ) allows you to receive from that thing or person that you put your love (attention)to.
Lets see what happens when you add your buttons to it. Lets put the ''Like'' button first. When you say that you like something or someone you make a separation between you and whatever it is that you like. Even if that thing or person likes you back you can never receive each other. You have the same polarity (+).You will always like and want that thing ,but never received , never integrated it into your energy , never Be It!
Now,what happens if we dislike something(hoping that it disappears). When we don't like something we resist it ! But so happens in the energy world that what we resist -persist! So, what we don't like will stay with us for as long as we don't like it!
How cool is that? Not very! But this is the Truth of the Universal Laws that the whole Universe follows.!
Why do we go against these laws and expect to survive and have all the good things come to us ? Why is it that we can't find the balance and peace in our lives?
Guess what? It is not our fault(in a way ). We were taught to perceive life this way by our parents and people around us. The good thing is : we can teach ourselves the right way (The Universal Truth's way), and it doesn't take a lot of time and effort, all it take is knowledge and persistence.
                                                                  Love and Light!

                                                                      The Creator.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Story

    "Almost everything we'll ever do in our life that is really powerful, that really produces a result in our life, that quantum-leaps us to a new level ... requires us to do something uncomfortable. It takes risks to achieve. Its often scary. Its requires something you didn't know before or a skill you didn't have before, but in the end, its worth it. As former Congressman Ed Forman says 'Winners are those people who make a habit of doing things losers are uncomfortable doing.'. Make today your day to start that uncomfortable new habit."
                                                                                        - Jack Canfield
       Hi, my name is Irina and I want to tell you my story. When I was diagnosed with Cancer (Yes this scary word) I went through the whole spectrum of feelings. You can imagine from being in denial (This can't happen to me) to be being depressed (Leave me alone, Don't want to see anybody.). But my story is not about the disease (which turns out to be the blessing, the best thing that ever happened in my life.) it is about my understanding of that wake up call, that gave me the courage to change my whole life. Without any prior knowledge in healing or self-healing, without proper reading and writing skills (English is not my first language.) I took Reiki classes on the Internet (Without any computer skills, besides checking my emails." and started my self-healing. Information started pouring at me! I get into Access Consciousness, Chakra Balancing , Quantum Healing, and other healing modalities. I took a Life Coaching course at Universal Class, and became a successful life coach on spiritual development. I started my own business in Stress Management and Energy Healing in a new comfortable office in South Hampton, PA. I also created an online business, wrote my own Ebooks, and Guided Meditation Cd's, videos on YouTube, and free community seminars. All of this happened in the last 8 months (I was diagnosed in December 2010). Needless to say there is no Cancer. I feel full of energy, I see thousands of possibilities. My Husband and my three kids are thrilled with the changes we experienced. Looking back at the years that I just stayed home spending my time watching the news and television WOW! What a turn my life took! And all thanks to the wonderful diagnosis. If not for that I wouldn't have miracles in my life. What are the miracles? No it is not how well I am now, not how fast i run everything, it is my everyday miracles. When people that were on the machines and in bed for 6 months after his stroke, all of a sudden go on vacation to Italy (By them selves). These are the miracles from GOD and I feel so blessed to take part in it!
                                                   <Love and Light>
                                                                          -The Creator